We can help!

What keeps our customers awake at night keeps us busy every day...

  • Is it the supplier who causes quality problems and endangers your delivery date?
  • Is it the customer who presents you with a challenge?
  • How do I optimize my supply chain or improve my supplier performance?
  • Are my processes efficient and stable?
  • Do I manage to win the pitch and if so, how can I satisfy my customer?
  • How do I motivate my employees to pull together?

First aid

ndividual problems require individual help. Leave your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also note our data protection declaration.



OPTIQUM Automotive offers you a 24-hour response time.


  1. We are successful on the market for more than 10 years! Our success is confirmed by our long-term partnerships with our customers.
  2. We are convinced that there are no solution templates and that we can only overcome challenges together - as part of your organisation. You can get "off the rack" solutions elsewhere, but not at QPTIQUM.
  3. We know our limits and we do not accept challenges that we are not up to.
  4. We are aware that not only your processes are important, but also the people who work in these processes. Empathy and motivation of the employees of your company are just as important as robust processes.
  5. We have the experience. Our team consists of specialists with extensive practical experience. We learn new things every day, we learn with our customers and are in touch with latest trends. In addition, professional training at OPTIQUM is not just a slogan but absolutely mandatory, which is demanded and promoted by the management.
  6. We will find solutions and ways together with you.